Connecting Growth.

Connecting growth drivers between Asia and Africa to deliver long term mutually beneficial sustainable development.

Our Story


At the heart of our belief, encouraging Capital not Aid is the critical determinant of long-term success, and global innovation should be harnessed locally with leadership to providing the conditions for that fusion.

Our ability to generate long-term growth and shared value for our clients is based on three pillars:

Independent: We have access to a wide suite of neutral and best-in class consultants without “tied-interests” who can provide technical solutions.

Private: We deploy multidisciplinary teams with a private sector approach, with a view to fostering local and international private sector development.

Innovative: We facilitate and invigorate change by capturing cutting-edge thinking, providing technological solutions and coopting entrepreneurship locally and internationally.

Our leadership and management team with global experience and local roots combines expertise in renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate, manufacturing, mining, agribusiness, and technology sectors and a dedication to Africa.

Team members have collectively extensive experience and first-hand knowledge of the market for investment opportunities and development projects in West Africa. Our access to consulting partners boosts technical expertise, provides synergies and widens project portfolio opportunities.

Leveraging on our management team’s strong track record of identifying and seizing business opportunities in West Africa, clients take full advantage of our network of government authorities, private and public sector stakeholders. This enhances the ability of clients to operate in West Africa to build a strong bond with the local business communities, thereby promoting social change and sustainable development in the process.

Asia-Africa Business Consultant (ASAFBC) is a business development consulting company delivering across the globe a tailored suite of expertise encompassing business consulting, corporate and sovereign advisory and strategic and capital market solutions.


Drive business and economic growth to Africa through identifying high return projects, forging innovative partnerships and extracting their synergies, leveraging Asian technical and technological expertise, and accessing global financial markets.


Connect growth drivers between Asia and Africa delivering long term mutually bene cial sustainable development.

Our Services

Corporate Profile

Year Established: 2013

Headquarters: Côte d’Ivoire

Asia Representation: India

Africa Representation: Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo

Industries: Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Mining, Agribusiness, Technology

Business Consulting

  • Market Intelligence

  • Market Access

  • Business Facilitation

  • Strategic Communication

Advisory Services

  • Corporate Advisory

  • Sovereign Advisory

  • Strategic and Capital Market Solutions



Yacine Moussa Sidibe

Yacine Moussa Sidibe

President and CEO

Connecting growth drivers between Asia and Africa to deliver long term mutually beneficial sustainable development.