Business Consulting

ASAFBC offers a dynamic mix of business sector expertise and management consulting, ranging from providing tools and solutions to conduct market analysis and market research, generate rapid market access, to improving business facilitation and operational performance through effective strategic communication processes.

Our functional services include:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Access
  • Business Facilitation
  • Strategic Communication

Advisory Services

ASAFBC provides clients with a tailored multi-dimensional assessment that takes a comprehensive view of the whole organization or government, thus enabling to benchmark, carry out analysis, recommend and implement detailed work plans including tailored “playbook measures” that will help the client deliver value to its shareholders and stakeholders.

Our functional advisory services are delivered across three areas:

  • Corporate Advisory
  • Sovereign Advisory
  • Strategic and Capital Market Solutions

Business for Social Change

Africa needs investment in businesses that develop human resources to enable economic development. Investing in people builds skills and capacity to increase productivity.

Our model of “Business for Social Change” establishes a two-layer bottom line, one to spur job creation, while the other generates profit, which is re-invested to promote further the objective of leveraging social change.

Connecting Growth.

In 2014, ASAFBC emerged as a catalyst to connect growth drivers between Asia and Africa. From working with the world’s largest thin-film solar power company, committed to changing the world by clean power, including technology transfer and building power plants in Africa, to strengthening Chinese investments through EPC contracts in infrastructure projects such as the rehabilitation and construction of airports, boosting industrial ties between India and West Africa, and developing concepts of Sino-African industrial empowerment funds.

Countries in West Africa with ongoing projects

Drawing from the management team’s strong track record of identifying and seizing business opportunities in West Africa and access to multidisciplinary teams and external consultants to enable clients to build a strong bond with the local business communities, promote social change and sustainable development in the process, and generate long-term growth and shared value.

How We Work

We provide high quality services and effective solutions based on expert knowledge of the business sector, first-hand managerial experience, deep understanding of local critical success factors, and strong commitment to promoting sustainable economic growth and social development in Africa and Asia.

Connecting growth drivers between Asia and Africa to deliver long term mutually beneficial sustainable development.